Traditional Voice


Rely on traditional voice for cost-effective communications

Despite the growing popularity of email, IM, and SMS, traditional voice communications are still a key piece of today’s business environment. At X5 Solutions, we develop those voice solutions around the five pillars of reliability, predictability, scalability, security, and flexibility. As a result, you can rest easy, knowing that your business is supported by the voice services it needs.

Streamlined, cost-effective voice management. With consolidated management, you’ll find all of your voice services in one place. X5’s tenured staff and wide array of voice products ensure that your traditional Local and
Long Distance needs are fully met. As a result, operational, contractual, and economic efficiencies are fully realized.

Connect with confidence. Reliability and security are essential to your voice communications. Be it simply a network partner that “just works”, or comprehensive security and fraud measures, X5 delivers voice services that
you can count on in today’s fast-paced and complex business environment.

Expand across geographies. With an extensive service footprint across the nation, X5 Traditional Voice Solutions are not bound by geographic constraints. By leveraging our own and the underlying networks of our partners, X5 exponentially expands its service footprint and list of “On-Net” locations.

Disaster-proof your communications. For many of our customers, Disaster Recovery (DR) planning is not simply a consideration, but a requirement. With a long and successful track record of DR and Business Continuity
planning for hospitals and other urgent-care lifeline resources, X5 Solutions will help engineer your voice communications to stay on when the power turns off – or worse.

X5’s Traditional Voice Solutions feature the following:

Inbound & Outbound Local Dial Tone Service:

  • Inbound/Outbound Two-Way Local PRI Dial Tone Service
  • Local Number Portability (LNP to 95% of CONUS rate centers)
  • Toll Free Number Access
  • Emergency 911 service
  • Directory Assistance & Directory Listing
  • Account/Project Codes

1+ Outbound Long Distance Service:

  • Dedicated 1+ Outbound
  • Switched Access 1+ Outbound
  • International Termination Service (Dedicated and Switched Access)
  • Account/Project Codes
  • Flexible Invoice Reporting

Inbound Toll Free Service:

  • Dedicated Toll Free Service
  • Switched Access Toll Free Service
  • Intl. Toll Free Origination Service (ITFS & UIFN Svc.)
  • Flexible Invoice Reporting

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