SIP Trunking


Enhance your local and long distance solutions

SIP Trunking is a dial tone and/or long distance service that is delivered to a premise-based IP PBX by utilizing Voice over IP technology. Voice traffic is transmitted to and from a customer’s location utilizing an existing or new data connection to further optimize your bandwidth requirements.

Improve scalability and trunking efficiencies to cut costs. Traditional voice systems scale in increments. SIP Trunks can be added one at a time. This difference is key for companies applying a thoughtful approach to scaling their businesses. Adding trunks as needed allows for easy and efficient transitioning and scalability.

Leverage SIP Trunking for long distance. For companies with large LD calling requirements, SIP Trunking can significantly reduce costs. Instead of purchasing multiple DS3s and T1s, adding network infrastructure, SIP Trunking allows you to leverage your existing internet bandwidth.

Consolidate voice and data management. SIP Trunking enables you to efficiently standardize and centralize your network. This simplifies the management of your entire infrastructure including branch offices across the country or around the globe.

Implement with ease. The transition from traditional voice systems to SIP Trunking is timetable-friendly and cost-effective. X5 can even seamlessly integrate legacy hardware infrastructure to dramatically reduce the upfront costs of implementation.


  • Advanced Call Control – Automatically redirect an incoming call to an alternate number, in the event of an unforeseen interruption in service.
  • Nationwide as well as Global DID’s to serve many markets from a single location.
  • Unlimited On-Net calling for multilocation customers.
  • Burstable Trunk Groups – Allow you to exceed the number of simultaneous calls contracted during extreme peak traffic events.
  • Advanced Unified Communication Overlays, such as Follow Me, Auto- Attendants, Voice Mail, and Incoming Call Manger, can be delivered on top of SIP Trunks. These features can enhance or provide functionality that is either not available or not cost effective to enable on existing customer PBX’s.

Leverage Burstable SIP Trunking in your Network

  • Pay only for what you use
  • Extra Trunking when you need it

CommPortal Provides You with a Powerful Tool

  • Manage your DIDs from any web connection
  • Forward calls for increased business continuity during emergencies

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