Hosted Voice


Evolve beyond the ordinary handset to enterprise-ready hosted voice

When it comes to voice, one option is to build and manage an expensive premise-based phone system, such as a Key System or PBX. Another option is to leverage the cloud.  X5 Hosted Voice gives you telephony in the cloud with pricing and functionality that are down to earth. With X5 Hosted Voice, you receive the reliable voice communications that your business demands. Additionally, you benefit from a predictable pricing model, lower management costs, protection from outdated equipment, increased business continuity, and much more.

Save with predictable, flexible pricing.
An on-premise system incurs a large capital expense. Hosted Voice simplifies budgeting thanks to a cost-per-user pricing model that delivers savings today. You can also save by bundling your hardware costs into a predictable price.

Increase workforce productivity.
Hosted Voice solutions help your employees stay connected. Thanks to features including Find-Me Follow-Me, Voicemail to Email, and other Unified Communications, your employees will communicate with ease whether they’re at the office, at home, or on the road.

Scale as your business grows.
Hosted Voice systems future-proof your technology investments by enabling you to leverage the cloud. As your business grows, you can add features and equipment at your own pace, paying only for service needed.

Manage with ease.
Add features and execute moves, adds, and changes simply and easily from anywhere with our secure web portal. This allows you to focus on your business – not on managing technology—because X5 will manage and maintain your voice equipment.

Improve business continuity.
Stay in touch with your customers during weather emergencies and power outages
through features like simultaneous ring, voicemail to email and more. Thanks to Hosted Voice, you can work remotely from any internet connection and never miss a business critical call or message.

CommPortal Provides You with a Powerful Tool

  • Manage your phone(s) from any web connection
  • Ring your Office phone and Cell Phone at the same time
  • Streamlining your business operations save time and money
  • Play your Voice Mails from anywhere

Soft Phone User Integration with Accession Communicator

  • Turn your Computer, Laptop, Smart Phone or tablet into your office phone
  • Make and receive calls as if you were in the office
  • Business Continuity Plans just became easier to implement and more affordable


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