Data Services


Connect with confidence – and without breaking your budget

With over 20 years of experience as a facilities-based voice and data carrier, X5 Solutions delivers advanced data services that enable performance, efficiency, and cost savings across your network. We are a leading provider of dedicated Internet solutions, private line services, and Wide Area Networks (WAN) across the nation. Whether your enterprise has one location or many, or whether you’re consolidating onto a single managed network, X5 Data and Internet Solutions can help.

Connect with confidence.
There’s no room for service interruptions in today’s business world. We offer secure, reliable, and well-managed business-grade data solutions with guaranteed bandwidth availability. You know your connection will be there when you need it.

Customize a solution.
When it comes to data services, one size does not fit all. X5’s strategic approach in designing your solution draws upon a broad array of both regional and national carrier partners. We create a customized solution so that you get the right data circuit and the right bandwidth for your business environment.

Match your network to your need.
We deliver data solutions for any sized business, whether you have a single U.S. location or multiple locations spread across the globe. From Ethernet to ultrahigh capacity private lines, we provide scalable data and Internet services built upon X5 Solutions’ secure and redundant network.

Grow at your pace.
As your business continues to grow, so will your need for bandwidth. At X5 Solutions, we engineer your Data and Internet Solutions with scalability in mind. That way, you never outgrow your network.

Benefit from flexible billing.
With flexible billing options, X5 Solutions will help you design a network solution that scales as your business requires. For example, our burstable billing option helps you scale your bandwidth during peak periods without paying for excess bandwidth during non-peak periods.

Data and Internet Solutions

  • Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)
  • Private Line (Metro & Long haul)
  • MPLS
  • Ethernet Private Line (EPL/EVPL)
  • Data Center & Carrier Hotel Access
  • Extensive On-net Footprint
  • Colocation

- Industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLA) guarantee uptime, latency, jitter, and packet delivery
- Quality of Service (QoS) options allow you to customize and prioritize your voice, data, and video traffic
- On-demand burstable solutions deliver bandwidth scalability when you
need it
- 24/7 support allows you to rest easy knowing that technical support is
available all day, every day of the year

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