Conferencing Services


Audio and web conferencing without reservations or hassles

X5 Conferencing Solutions provide powerful and feature-rich conferencing that is ideal for small or large conference calls—whether they are scheduled or impromptu. Your meetings are always supported by robust features and functionality that is accessible via our user-friendly moderator web interface. At X5 Solutions, we make conferencing simple because you should be focused on your meeting’s topic—not your meeting’s technology.

Save money and headaches. Conferencing should be simple. That’s why we’ve designed our solutions with cost-effectiveness and reliability in mind. With X5 Conferencing Solutions, you’ll never run into reservation requirements or time limits.

Manage with ease. Log into our web management portal to optimize your
conference experience. Features include security-enabling caller identification, call recording, participant roll call, desktop sharing, participant muting, and more.

Reduce travel expenses. No matter how many participants you’re gathering, it is no longer a requirement to travel to a meeting. You can host an intimate call with just three people or a massive presentation with more than hundreds of callers dialed in.

Enable collaboration. Sometimes voice isn’t enough. X5 Web Conferencing
Solutions enable you to get visual by sharing your desktop, hosting a
webinar, or projecting your presentation slides.

Utilize X5’s user-friendly web interface to manage your Audio Conference Calls as well as your Audio & Web Conferences


Creative Ways to Use Web Conferencing

  • Generate leads with marketing webinars
  • Communicate with employees, customers or partners
  • Collaborate online with co-workers
  • Host a sales demo with a prospect
  • Conduct online training
  • Provide remote support
  • Enhance your website with recorded content

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