Cloud Call Center


Join the cloud revolution with a cloud call center solution

Get More with a Cloud Call Center Solution from X5 Solutions

Quality Customer Experience: With a cloud call center solution from X5 your callers will feel more like they are talking to a live agent. Imagine your automated agent being able to ask open ended questions to callers such as “How are you?” and getting accurate responses.  Callers are ensured a dynamic call flow similar to if they were talking to a live representative.

Flexible design: Whether you are looking for a complete cloud based call center solution, hosted on premise option, or a managed service setup, X5 will create a solution customized to your needs. Want to keep your legacy phone system? X5 is backed by engineers that are experienced at integrating legacy equipment into customer solutions.

Reliable: X5 knows that reliability is important to you. With multiple US data centers and 99.99% up-time you can rest assured that X5’s cloud call center solutions will be there to support your business.

Scalable and Cost Effective: At X5 we also realize that your call center capacity needs vary. With X5’s cloud call center solutions you can increase and decrease call center capacity as needed and avoid paying for excess capacity.

Cloud Call Center Benefits:

  • Eliminates the hassles and expensive investments associated with operating and managing an on-premise call center
  • Protects you from equipment obsolescence and failure
  • Delivers scalable solutions to avoid paying for excess capacity
  • Reduces the need for large helpdesk operations and eliminates related hiring and training costs
  • Frees up your company’s internal resources to refocus on core competencies and growth
  • Expedites customers  access to information they need
  • Enables call quality and efficiency to be easily measured, and in turn, improved
  • Compatible with TDM and SIP Lines
  • Integrates with legacy systems or as full cloud solution
  • Open up additional capacity as needed and don’t pay for capacity that you do not use
  • Reduction in live agent time and cost
  • Dynamic call flow
  • Call recording, Reporting, IVR, Work from home

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