Our Story

Your partner for reliable voice and data solutions at competitive prices

X5 Solutions is backed by more than two decades of experience in the telecom industry. We have navigated the changing landscape of providers and communication technologies, and we have delivered varied, diverse solutions to private and public businesses, government agencies, and wholesale partners across North America. Our customer-focused approach and our ability to leverage carrier diversity to customize solutions have fueled our success.

No matter what the regulations, no matter what the competition, and no matter what the economic climate, customers want the same thing: affordable, reliable, scalable voice and data communications services. That’s what X5 Solutions delivers.

Reliable, cost-effective communications. X5 Solutions provides you access to multiple network footprints that extend locally, nationally, and globally. Whether you are using X5’s reliable next-generation network or accessing one of our diverse carrier networks, you will be able to take advantage of cost efficiencies while receiving simplified carrier management. Our unique approach can deliver a truly redundant solution to meet your continuity needs—all the while, we will keep your data safe and your operation running.

Diverse technology. X5 Solutions offers a complete suite of solutions from Traditional Voice and Data Services to SIP Trunking, Hosted Voice, Conferencing, Unified Communications, Ethernet, and more.

Responsiveness and accountability. From our roots in the Pacific Northwest to our current status as an international provider of telecom solutions, we consistently have focused first on customer service. You don’t thrive for more than two decades in telecom without delivering excellent customer experiences.

Our Services

X5 Solutions provides a wide range of telecom services, specializing in creating a custom solution to fit your needs. Through our own infrastructure as well as through our strategic partnerships, X5 Solutions offers the following:

• Hosted Voice
• SIP Trunking
• Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)
• Unified Communications
• Conferencing – Voice, Web, Video
• Private Line (Metro & Long Haul)
• MPLS and other Complex Data Solutions
• Traditional Voice
• Long Distance & Toll Free
• SMS Enablement
• Hosted IVR Solutions
• And More!

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